Quality with the most advanced Technology

Our products are made in North America, certified under American quality standards, and have the best energy efficiency.

Made In North america

Our products are manufactured under the highest of quality standards in North America, and apply the most advanced technology


We make sure you get the most out of our service. Our solar models have a guaranteed 25 year warranty. They are insured by Power Guard which can be verified online

High efficiency

Our equipment's are certified with the highest American standards and they offer the highest efficiency in commercial modules


Our products are bankable and backed by insurance companies if the certification says that our products can last a lifetime

Designing with Quality

The solar products are very versatile. You are able to use it almost anywhere and at any capacity. It is scalable and economical.


When you buy or rent a house, you have two concerns: Pay the monthly mortgage, and pay for the energy. When you install solar models, you will easily have one less thing to worry about and the value of your house will increase.


Sometimes when you are not getting the most out of your energy, it is thrown away. But, if you decide to invest in solar models, your spending will become an investment and your business will have more value. In fact, in some countries it is 100% deductible in the first year.


Turn your towns into smart cities. illuminate the streets, parks, and sports centers with smart solar lights that track the traffic, the passage of people, and also provide security with cameras.

Explaining Tier 1 Misinterpretation

Did you know that some foreign manufacturers try to confuse people with their Tier 1 branding by claiming their products have high quality? 

Bloomberg NE Financial is a respectable research organization that helps energy professionals generate opportunities in new energies. As their name mentions, it focuses on the financial, which overshadows the certification of the quality of the solar models. 

BNEF Issued a list of manufacturers that have financed at least six projects of 1.5 mW up. This list, The Tier 1, is not a list based  on the quality nor on the economic solvency of the manufacturers.  Even BNEF’s recommended buyers and banks purchasers do not use this list as a measure of quality.

If you really want to buy quality products that offer the power they promise they will provide, then buy Solar Modules with IEC and UL certifications. In fact, a vast majority of  foreign manufacturers mainly Asian do not have it.

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